5 Tips for Storing Holiday Decorations in the Off-Season

holiday decorations and presents

Do you find yourself on an unintended scavenger hunt for decorations each time a Holiday rolls around? Talk about FUN SUCKING. Wouldn’t it be nice to easily locate specific items from prior years? And when you found them they were organized and unbroken? Here are 5 tips for storing your décor in the off-season so you don’t have to compromise your holiday spirit.

1.Know what you have in your bags and boxes.

holiday storage

Use labels to help identify your containers. On the exterior, specify what Holiday the decorations are for – Easter, Halloween, Christmas, etc. And on the inside, get even more detailed with labels such as “front porch” and “handrail” for items like tinsel and lights.

2. Upcycle day-to-day items for storage.

egg carton

There’s no need to spend additional money on small storage containers and separators. You can easily stow away your delicate ornaments and smaller decorations in recycled egg cartons.

3.Protect the breakable.

coffee filter



When packing away items that are breakable or scratch easy, coffee filters are a great resource aside from tissue paper. Ideal for separating glass dishes or wrapping entirely around small items that you’d like to stay lint free.

4. Neatly store your strands of lights.

strand of lights on present

String lights go hand in hand with pretty much every occasion. As pretty as they look, they can also be a terror when they’re tangled. To prevent this, use pieces of cardboard as a holster to wrap the lights around prior to storing them. HINT: Cut Small slits into each side of the cardboard to insert the beginning and ends of the strand.

5. Organize your wrapping paper.

plastic clothes hangers

Tissue & wrapping paper are extremely susceptible to wrinkles and tears. Often, loose pieces will get so scrunched up you can’t use them anymore.  Keep your paper nicely pressed and easily manageable by draping excess over clothes hangers.




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