Why Christmas in July?

When you think of Christmas and the Holiday season, typically people associate it with winter, snowfall and cold weather. Hoping for a “White Christmas” has become a tradition, just like hanging stockings and putting up a Christmas tree. But, for people who live in the Southern hemisphere, the dream of a winter wonderland on Christmas day hasn’t been attainable.

As we know, the Northern and Southern hemispheres have opposite seasons. The winter solstice in the Southern Hemisphere is at the end of June, while the summer solstice is at the end of December. In the late 1800’s the seeds were planted that eventually flourished into the idea that people living in the Southern hemisphere could dedicate a wintery month to celebrating a second Christmas to obtain their white Christmas dream - hence “Christmas in July”.

Christmas in July is now an internationally known and commemorated event in many countries, even inclusive to several in the Northern hemisphere. This concept has given people all over the world the opportunity to celebrate this special Holiday with the wintery feel they deserve.

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